Directorio Sustentable is a digital platform with a view to the future. The protagonists are people who inspire us: local producers, artisans, farmers, entrepreneurs, organizations and companies that are on the path of sustainability and they show it by their quality management and innovation capacity.

In Directorio Sustentable we act through a horizontal and shared management network. We build bridges and we celebrate pluralism. We want to connect people, communities, initiatives and organizations.

If we want to recover our link with the environment, it is necessary to experience a new type of relationship with consumption.

Our perseverance and vocation to undertake with green soul makes us grow as people and evolve as consumers. Therefore, we invite you to think green and act supporting a local, circular, creative and ecological economy.

Make a difference by being a conscious and responsible consumer.

Directorio Sustentable, a meeting point, where the planet finds new allies.